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EPIC Schedule & Rates

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Levels are a guide we will use to place dancers in the most appropriate class.  A dancer must have experience or be on a Team to be placed in any of the "Advanced" Level classes on the schedule.  A dancer may be asked to be assessed by Miss Jamie, our EDC Artistic Director, before being registered for a class.  Many classes will be flexible with the range and ability of the group. Some dancers may fall into more than one level (ie: "Level 2 Hip Hop" but "Level 1 Ballet" due to little or no experience with Ballet.)  We want each child to be comfortable, yet challenged in the class they will take.  We will not place a child in a class if they are not ready.  We cannot accommodate car-pools or CCD & Girl Scout schedules, etc.  It is important that all the dance classes maintain as consistent an age/ability level as possible to best serve our students.  We appreciate your cooperation.


The Pre-School Dance Classes are organized by age and the Core Dance Classes are organized by "Levels".  
(The Schedule is color-coded too.)

LEVEL 1:  Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
LEVEL 2:  Adv 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
LEVEL 3:  5th- 8th Grade
TEEN LEVEL: High School
SENIOR: Advanced Teens