Epic Teams

Epic Teen/Jr/Petite Hip Hop Competition Team: Have a passion for Hip Hop dancing and want to focus on sharpening and strengthening your skills? The Hip Hop Competition Team does just that.  Dancers work year round to strengthen their Hip Hop technique and performance, to bring their “A” game at competition. This team is not for recreational dancers and requires commitment to competition dates during competing season. 

Mini Cheer Dance: Dance, cheer and perform as a part of this team. Your child has the opportunity to learn aspects of the cheer world (including cheers, motions and stunts) and combines cheerleading with the art of dance. This team performs locally and brings their “EPIC” spirits with them!  Acro class is strongly recommended.


Strengthen your mind, body and soul during this 45 minute class. Become more flexible and tone/tighten your body!


High energy, cardio class that incorporates ab work and allows everyone to feel like they're on stage dancing!  Dance moves are broken down and repeated for the duration of the class until it's time to 'CIZE IT UP!'

Ballet/Tap/Tumble Combo

Designed to introduce our young dancers to the basic dance forms–Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics. While learning the basics of each movement, the students develop both fine and gross motor skills, coordination, musicality, mental awareness and creative thinking skills. The classes encourage learning and the joy of dance.

"Epic Hour" (Leaps & Turns)

Mandatory for Company dancers. This rigorous class is intended to teach discipline and technique to serious dancers who are willing to work hard inside and outside of the classroom. This class will not have a recital piece. It is an hour of technique, drills and exercises intended to strengthen dancers. 

Lil Monsters

(ages 3-5 years) & Kindergarten Hip Hop are high-energy 45min classes where little dancers learn the basics of Hip Hop in fun and easy combos, follow-alongs and across the floor movements.  Current pop music and age-appropriate choreography!


Hip Hop

High-energy class with cutting edge Hip Hop choreography, including isolations, floor work and basic breakdancing depending on level. Class is broken up into warm up/across the floor, and time to learn and pick up choreography at an industry pace. Difficulty of class varies depending on age and skill level. 

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Theater Workshop Sundays

Dancing, acting with dialogue and singing. It is a fun class that is offered to a variety of ages. The class is based off Broadway musicals. This class helps especially the younger student to start breaking out of their shell. Workshop meets for 8 Sundays, starting October 18th thru December 13th from 12:00-2:00pm. 
We are thrilled to have the talents of Miss Michelle and Miss Rena lead this Broadway Dance & Drama Workshop.  Each young actor will walk away with a solid piece to use at future auditions. Price is $345 and includes all sessions, a t-shirt & award at the final presentation.


Dancers learn to move in a more literal way to the meaning and lyrics of a song. Since this class is a combination of jazz and ballet, students are encouraged to take ballet classes to better understand and execute the steps properly. Level of class varies depending on age and skill level.

Epic Company

Information coming soon.

EPIC Class Descriptions 


We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective and fun!!


Jazz is based off a ballet foundation. Jazz dance training develops coordination and articulation of body parts; such as the head, shoulders, ribcage, arms, pelvis, legs and feet. Dancers are encouraged to also express a story with their faces. Any dancers involved in musical theatre are recommended to take Jazz as it is an essential part of performing. Level of class varies depends on age and skill level.

Epic Ballet Corps

Ballet Corps meets twice a month for

1.5 hours of Ballet instruction--meant to strengthen the Ballet technique.  At least 1 additional dance class is required.  This culminates in a trip to NYC on December 19th to participate in a NYC Ballet Workshop and attend a matinee performance of George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk Combo

1 hour and 15 minute class split between high-energy Hip Hop and high-tempo Jazz-Funk. Dancers will learn to mesh both styles effortlessly and become more comfortable with each style through across the floor exercises and current combinations. This class will incorporate the best of hip-hop and Jazz-Funk into one compilation for recital. 


Technique based class emphasizing coordination and rhythm. Progress from warm-up , across the floor and combinations while using broadway and rhythm tap. Level of class varies depends on age and skill level.


Starting with a Beginner/Basic level students will learn and distinguish the unique features and techniques, such as turn-out of the legs, and high extensions that ballet is centered upon. Ballet consists of graceful, flowing, precise movements and as dancers grow they will become stronger in executing these movements. Ballet is the foundation for all the other styles of dance and mandatory for all serious dancers. Level of class varies and depends on age and skill level.


The art of ballet where dancers appear fluid and light while “en pointe.” Pointe class will teach the student the proper practice of caring for their feet, how to stand correctly in pointe shoes, and the proper placement of their ankles. 

*The teacher will assess the readiness of the student if they show a desire to go en pointe, generally around age 12 with a couple of consecutive years of ballet technique. Students are not encouraged to put on pointe shoes until their ankles are strong, have a solid core, and demonstrate good body awareness.   

*A student will not be placed in the Pointe class if they are physically and mentally not strong enough for this vigorous art form.

This is strictly for the safety of the student. 


Tumbling helps to gain strength, flexibility, and coincide that will coordinate with dance. The student will learn how to do cartwheels, front rolls, handstands, and walkovers, and for the more advanced student back flips, and handsprings. 



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Attire Requirements @ EPIC​

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This class will allow dancers to become more confident and comfortable in their dance choices. Dancers will go through the process of spontaneously creating movement. Improvised movement is developed through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics. Students will emulate different scenarios and in order to become in tune with their bodies.